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Posted by on Oct 19, 2015 in Marriage | 0 comments

Three Amazing Tips For A Longer, Happier Marriage Backed By Studies

There are certain marital situations in which divorce is the only healthy option available for both couples. Couples commonly file for divorce because of unmet expectations, lack of compatibility when it comes to finances, and loss of intimacy. However, couples in some states may file for a divorce even without presenting proof, called a “no-fault” divorce.

While many struggling couples resort to divorce, some are still seeking to restore what was left in their relationships. An Austin marriage counselor would probably state that some long-standing marital issues can be resolved when both couples agree to participate in marriage therapy. Couples can also revive their relationship and enjoy the benefits of happier, longer marriage by considering these three scientifically proven tips:

Spend less time on social media

A 2014 study published in BU Today stated that too much use of Facebook and other social networking sites has been associated with decreased marital satisfaction. According to the study, 32% of heavy social media users were more likely to think about splitting from their partner, as compared to 16% of non-users. So, if you want your marriage to last, think about spending less time browsing your Facebook page and more time with your spouse.

Have a cheap wedding

There is no good way to start a marriage than to start it debt-free. A study from the Emory University found that the price of the engagement ring and the cost of the wedding ceremony are inversely proportional to the length of marriage. This proves that the simpler the wedding, the longer the relationship would be.

In times of argument, use “we” instead of “I/you”

Researchers from the University of Berkeley revealed that couples who use the word “we,” instead of the individualistic pronouns “I” and “you,” have a greater chance of resolving conflicts. Using “we,” “our,” and “us,” provides couples a sense of partnership and shared identity, giving them the extra push that they need to hold on to their relationship.

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