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Posted by on Nov 25, 2017 in Personal Injury | 0 comments

Toy Injury

One of the most fearful times in my life was when my baby girl choked on the toy I’d bought for her only a week prior. There’s nothing more terrifying than the feeling of helplessness but immense urgency when something like that happened, and I really wouldn’t wish it on anyone. If I never experience anything like that again, it’ll be too soon.

I was in the living room sitting on the floor, playing with my daughter while I watched TV. It was such a relaxing and movie-esque afternoon with my child; it would have made for a great photo. When I wasn’t looking, however, I heard her coughing, and I turned to look at her, and her eyes had started to water and face red while she looked up at me, still coughing. I lightly tapped her back and told her to cover her mouth, thinking it was just an ordinary cough until I heard her almost unable to breathe. It suddenly all hit me at once that my baby girl was choking, and I freaked out but luckily had the presence of mind to take action rather than scream. I immediately picked her up and turned her over, so her stomach was parallel to the ground, and I started firmly tapping her back, strong enough to hopefully get whatever was in her throat out, but not too strong as not cause her to take a sharp breath out of shock.

To my luck, she spit it up not too long after I had turned her over and I saw it on the ground, it was one of her dolls’ plastic shoes. Of course, I could see it now that I wasn’t rushed, but I immediately took the other shoe off the doll and threw them both in the trash. Overboard maybe? Not to me, and certainly not to the lawyers at this website who handle product liability cases pertaining to dangerous children’s toys. In that moment I was so beyond scared for my child, whatever caused her to choke that way needed to be out of my world completely. I’d have done worse to that little shoe if I didn’t just want it out of my sight.

The feeling I had was one of the worst, but to see she was okay afterward, and strangely very nonchalant about it was somewhat relieving for me. When I saw she was okay, I started to feel that way myself. However, I’ll definitely be looking into how I can prevent anything like that from happening to her again, because, on the occasion where I’m not around to help her out, things could go in many different directions, and I really just don’t want her to be swallowing these sorts of things at all, ever. Luckily, however, she seems to have taken the whole thing in stride, and I won’t have to console her at all, just myself.

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